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Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham is a regionally important building on the list of Protected Structures. The building had been vacant for at least 10 years prior to its purchase by the department, and with only minor emergency works taking place during those 10 years, a decision was made to secure the building on a more permanent basis. Working as part of a selected design team, we developed and tendered a scheme of remedial work. The works which we have detailed include securing the spire's cantilevered walkways, repairs to rotten roof trusses and floor joists, assessment of the existing structure, etc.

Key Tasks and Challenges:

  • A detailed internal and external structural survey of an extensive building complex
  • Assessment of historic structural members
  • Sympathetic design of remedial structural works in a protected structure
  • Working within tight budget constraints
  • Civil and Structural Engineering services
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